What I ate Wednesday (WIAW)

Many blogger post their Tuesday eats every Wednesday morning and for months, I’ve been meaning to participate so finally, this week I am! As a first timer I didn’t post everything but I feel I get bonus marks for tracking all of my eats in FitnessPal.com which means I can share nutritional stats. Please note, these are just my eating habits, I don’t want to say what I do is right for everyone :).


Banana bread baked oatmeal loaf with natural peanut butter. Not the prettiest but it is delicious!


Lunch (no photo!):

Garden salad with chickpea smash and grilled tofu

Snack (no photo):

Nature Valley 90 calorie granola bar - this is really processed / bad, don’t judge!


Salmon fillet baked in parchment paper with spinach, orange slices, fresh ginger, scallions and a touch of olive oil. Side of asian noodle pasta salad - I used brown rice pasta, edamame and carrots, it was all dressed with sesame oil, soy sauce and freshly squeezed orange juice.



Lindt 70% chocolate and a cup of teaimage

Nutritional stats:

I don’t usually track my food intake but it is certainly eyeopening to see where I am netting out in terms of calories, fats, vitamins, etc. Tuesday was a busy day and I actually worked out twice (5.5 mile run in the morning and barre at night) which means I really should have had a bigger afternoon snack. I am also a bit surprised about my lack of calcium and carb intake - I need to make an effort to amp up those areas moving forward.



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